The mission of the Turner County Project is to illuminate our local community and cultural practices one photo, document, or interview at a time. To give a permanent presence for future historians, amateur or professional, no matter their interests.

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Recently Added Items

Tigner E. Thrasher, 24, Named Mayor of AShburn on Clean Politics Ticket

The_Atlanta_Journal_1932_12_04_10 - Youthful Mayor Tigner Thrasher.pdf

Tigner at the time of his election was one of the youngest city executives in the entire country.

Formation of Turner County

Fitzgerald Enterprise - August 10, 1905 - Formation of Turner County.pdf

The House Committee on New Counties made its report to the Legislature yesterday and recommended the formation of the following new…

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Location: Bussey Rd. and Leon Williams Rd. in Sycamore, GA

Bell Rd. Home


Location: Bell Rd. In Sycamore, GA

Cofer Rd. Sunset


Location: Cofer Rd in Sycamore, GA

The Claud McLendon home


Location: Phillips Ave in Ashburn, GA

The home of Claud McLendon built in 1908.