Jack Albritton

James Riley “Jack” Albritton, who turns 95 in 2022, has lived a life worth talking about. The Turner County Project got to sit on the Albritton side porch on January 15, 2022, with Jack, his wife Patsy, and his daughter Rene Fortson to discuss his life and his legacy.

Giddens’ Coins of Ashburn, GA

Have you ever seen the Giddens coins? These coins were used to pay employees who worked at the WF Giddens’ sawmill in Coverdale. The employees could use the coins at the company-owned store. There was…

Virginia Smith

Virginia Smith faced the integration of Turner County Schools, harsh slurs by school administrators, wrongful terminations, and adversity throughout her life, but she also had so many blessings: 6 wonderful kids, role models who helped her throughout the journey, and perseverance in spades to complete her education 25 years after she was supposed to graduate. The Turner County Project was so fortunate to sit down with Virginia on September 4, 2021 to learn her experience.

Josella Road

Location: Josella Rd. in Ashburn, GADate: August 14, 2021 Although most of the roads in Turner County are named after one person of significance whether local or otherwise, Josella Road is an interesting example of…