WWII POW German Camp in Ashburn, Georgia

One of the lesser-known histories of Turner County was the existence of the German POW Camp that was located in Ashburn during World War II. One can wonder if it was lost to memory since it was one of many, but the frank reality is that it was not heavily talked about or documented.

When it comes to history, memories fade, but what remains are the written words.
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John Dye

John Dye, who turns 95 in 2022, is perhaps one of the most well-respected citizens in Turner County. He is beloved by many not only because he invested so much of his time and love into his students throughout his almost 50 years in education but because he treats everyone with respect and kindness. His 60+ year marriage to the love of his life Lois was a cornerstone in his life and has produced a family that continues to carry on the Dye legacy within the field of education. The Turner County Project got to sit down with this Turner County icon on February 12, 2022, to reflect on his life.

Jack Albritton

James Riley “Jack” Albritton, who turns 95 in 2022, has lived a life worth talking about. The Turner County Project got to sit on the Albritton side porch on January 15, 2022, with Jack, his wife Patsy, and his daughter Rene Fortson to discuss his life and his legacy.

Giddens’ Coins of Ashburn, GA

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